Who Are What A Stitch Up?

At What A Stitch Up we aim to please with handmade gifts for babies & children, beautiful home & garden decor, and fabric for those who like to make their own!

What A Stitch Up formed in 2014.  I had been making lots of blocks throughout the year for family and friends who had recently given birth and they had turned out to be very popular with everyone! I kept being told that I should try selling them and so my husband came up with the business name and I decided to give my own business a go.  


At first the business started simply on Etsy, then growing to Twitter, gradually Facebook and now we have got our own website!

As you can see below, we have won quite a lot of awards on Twitter for our designs and creations! We have also been featured in Prima's 'Baby & Pregnancy' magazine as part of their Christmas gift guide!


Handmade Fabric Play Blocks
QueenOf Sewing & Stitching Award
Awarding Women in Business Winner
British Crafting Award #BritishCraftHour
Promoting Women in Business Winner